"To say Bryard was a child

prodigy is an understatement...a boy who was blessed with an innate talent."

- Laurie Everett, Main Street Nashville

"[Bryard] is consumed by his love for music...this young millennial performer is...walking into his own authenticity and doing only what comes natural to him."

- Janice Malone, The Tennessee Tribune

"Bryard is a multifaceted phenomenon, artfully fusing dreamy elegance with infectious, in the pocket urban funk and Smooth Jazz. He taps into a multitude of influences - pop, jazz, chill, and acoustic vibes - to create his fresh tapestry of incentive sounds and grooves."

- Sandy Shore, Smooth Jazz Global Radio

Bryard is a composer, record producer, pianist, and smooth jazz recording artist from Nashville, TN; he is also founder/CEO of indie record and artist development company Muse Entertainment

Bryard stumbled upon his God-given gift of music at the age of 4 and quickly became a musical sensation. He began classical piano training at age 6 and moved to jazz piano training at age 15. Bryard has since released 6 studio albums. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from College-Conservatory of Music, Univ. of Cincinnati and a Master of Music degree from the Frost School of Music, Univ. of Miami. 

Outside of his jazz piano career, Bryard's talents continue to shine through his compositions for multiple genres, like film/TV, theatre, children's books, podcasts, spoken word, and more.


Bryard, age 8