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"Noho Talk" is the 12th single for composer, record producer, and contemporary jazz piano recording artist Bryard Huggins. Noho stands for "North Hollywood" and is the first song he wrote and recorded since relocating to the Los Angeles area from Nashville in 2022. "Noho Talk" nods to west coast hip hop vibes with a blend of 1990s R&B/pop, especially with the use of classic 808 Kit elements and the overdrive guitar solo by the talented Ben Lechuga. The track was mastered by the great Steve Hall of Future Disc Mastering and is now available for your listening pleasure on all digital and streaming platforms.


Celebrating a decade in the recording industry, Bryard Huggins: The 10th Anniversary Release Album boasts 8 new original songs all written by Bryard. In addition, he debuts his arrangement of the Selena hit, "I Could Fall In Love" (peaking at #18 on the Chartbound Charts). The last track on the album is a revamp and remix of the first track off his 2011 debut release, "Best Friends".



1. He's Back!

2. The Girl In Black

3. All Night Long (feat. Ryan Casey)

4. I Could Fall In Love

5. Lischey Ave. (feat. Jackiem Joyner)

6. Chillin' (Like A Villain)

7. On The Town

8. Vera (feat. B. Thompson)

9. Time Flies

10. Best Friends (remix)

All songs written, arranged, and produced by Bryard Huggins

Executive produced by Bryard Huggins and Muse Entertainment

Bryard Huggins - piano, keyboards, synth bass, drum programming, synth pads and leads, percussion

Thomas Altman - electric bass on "Lischey Ave.", "I Could Fall In Love", and "All Night Long"

B. Thompson - tenor sax on "Vera", soprano sax on "I Could Fall In Love"

Ryan Casey  - electric guitar on "The Girl In Black", "All Night Long", "Lischey Ave.", and "Time Flies"

Jackiem Joyner - soprano and alto sax on "Lischey Ave."

Engineered by Bryard Huggins

Mixed by Bryard Huggins

Mastered by Steve Hall (Future Disc Systems)

Album packaging by

Photography - Cody Stallings Photography

Calhoun Street.jpg

On Calhoun Street, you'll hear music dedicated to Bryard's last couple of years in college at College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) in Cincinnati. He resided at 255 Calhoun Street across from UC's campus proper during his Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years - the location where this album was conceived. This album features one of Bryard's first recorded and released vocal tunes ever, "Back To New York (With You)", performed by Léa Verlin, as well as bonus track "Hop In My Benz", also featuring Verlin. The album was recorded in 2150A and C recording studios in the commercial music department of CCM.


All songs written, arranged, and produced by Bryard Huggins

Executive produced by Bryard Huggins

Bryard Huggins - piano, keyboards, synth bass, drum programming, synth pads and leads, percussion

Brogan Dutcher - electric bass on "Empire City.", "Song for Lay", "Calhoun Street", and "Dear Jackie"

Kyle Kidwell - tenor sax on "Empire City", "Song for Lay", and "Calhoun Street"

Jeremy Myint  - acoustic guitar on "Song for Lay", electric guitar on "Calhoun Street"

David O'Connell - drums on "Empire City", "Song for Lay", "Calhoun Street", "Dear Jackie"

Madison Vonderahe, Jessie Haskamp, Juleen Jessel - background vocals on "Song for Lay"


1. Empire City

2. Song for Lay

3. Back to New York (With You) (feat. Léa Verlin)

4. Calhoun Street

5. Dear Jackie

6. Hop In My Benz (feat. Léa Verlin)

Engineered by Jake Kricket, Jennifer Rowekamp, Mike Evans

Mixed by James Tillman (It Me Music)

Mastered by Kim Pensyl

Album packaging by

Photography - Photos by Tondaleya

The Gospel Sessions.png

Sometimes you might think you have a plan, but God changes it in the blink of an eye. In June 2015, Bryard experienced a sudden medical emergency, when his platelet count dropped to dangerously low numbers. Eventually he was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura). His junior year of college that fall was coupled with weekly visits to the hospital for infusions and blood work, along with maintaining his course work and extracurricular activities. Going from doctor to doctor and living in the unknown of how this condition started and how to treat it, Bryard discovered a strength he never thought he had. His faith was made stronger with the help of friends and family who continued to encourage him and pray for him day after day. It was in the midst of this journey that Bryard began to conceive a collection of solo piano arrangements of hymns and popular gospel songs to bless others who may be going through similar trials. The making of this album sometimes involved studio time, then to the hospital, then back to the studio over and over again. But Bryard wanted to ensure that this album became a testimony to what he went through and a source of inspiration for others. It was never his plan to release a gospel recorded work, but you know what they say: when we make plans, God laughs.



1. It Is Well Medley

2. When The Saints Go To Worship

3. For Every Mountain

All songs arranged by Bryard Huggins

Engineered by Jake Kricket

Mixed by Bryard Huggins

Mastered by Michael Taylor

Distributed by DiscMakers

Photography - Rabeeh Elassal

The Way Home.png

Homesickness is a real thing! The Way Home was the third recorded album in the Bryard collection, and was born in his tiny, 7x14' dorm room his freshman year at Cincinnati. With all the feels of college dorm life (and the Cincinnati winter sometimes with no heat...long story), the making of The Way Home forged on. Bryard enlisted the production help from the team of Michael Taylor and Mo Henderson - who assisted on his first and second albums. He wanted to take what he had learned his freshman year and create an album dedicated to his hometown of Nashville. The Way Home title came from the 4 hour drive back and forth between Nashville and Cincinnati - after 4 years at college, he knew the way home quite well.



All songs written and composed by Bryard Huggins

Produced by Bryard Huggins, Michael Taylor for Studio Caffé

Bryard Huggins - piano, keyboards, synth bass, drum programming, strings, clavinet, organ

Mike Ferguson - electric bass on "Third Wish" and "Mitzi"

Joe Getsi - soprano sax on "Throw Down"

Sean Blackman - electric guitar on "The Way Home", acoustic guitar on "Cindy's Place"

John 'Smoke' Lucas - drums on "Throw Down", "The Way Home", "Cindy's Place"


1. Throw Down (feat. Joe Getsi)

2. Third Wish (feat. Mike Ferguson)

3. The Way Home (feat. Sean Blackman)

4. Mitzi

5. Southern Living

6. Cindy's Place (feat. Sean Blackman & John 'Smoke' Lucas)

7. Wildlife

Engineered by Sixteen Ton Studios Nashville

Mixed by Michael Taylor

Mastered by Mo Henderson

Photography - Earl Flippen Jr.

Still really not sure what an EP is, but hey! Here we are. Visual became Bryard's second recorded album and first EP upon its release in 2013. It was the first time he'd worked with live musicians in an actual studio. His producer at the time encouraged him to record this album at The Potter's House studios in Jacksonville, FL to get hands-on experience with other producers and musicians in a live studio setting. Visual was inspired by Bryard's travels and became a cool summer album that carried him right into his freshman year of college. One of the most memorable moments of creating this album in Florida was inviting his late great aunt and grandfather to the studio for a sneak peek of the new album, as well as the opportunity to see Bryard in action in front of the huge mixing board.


All songs written and composed by Bryard Huggins

Produced by Bryard Huggins, Michael Taylor, Mo Henderson for Studio Caffé

Bryard Huggins - piano, keyboards

Mike Ferguson - electric bass on "Water to Drink", "The Pineapple Lounge", "Visual", and "Weekend in Cape Cod"

R. Cory Johnson - drums on "Water to Drink" and "Weekend in Cape Cod"

Mo Henderson - auxiliary instruments, percussion, drum programming for  "The Pineapple Lounge", "DC to Dallas", and "Visual"


1. The Pineapple Lounge

2. Water to Drink (Agua de Beber)

3. D.C. to Dallas

4. Visual

5. Weekend in Cape Cod

Mixed by Michael Taylor

Mastered by Mo Henderson

Photography - Blue Franswa

They say you never forget your firsts! How does Bryard describe himself upon the release of Artistic Touch, his debut album: "Just a young "child prodigy" pianist who wanted to be like David Benoit and play smooth jazz". This album consists of music Bryard began writing at age 12/13 and did not come into fruition until he turned 15, a producer out of Detroit hearing him and inviting him to collaborate on an album. The album was recorded in his living room - yep, his living room! This was all new to Bryard: all he knew at the time was how the music was supposed to go and how he wanted the production. Everything else was foreign. Upon it's release in October 2011, he hosted his first live concert in Nashville. Never did he imagine how this chance connection and thrust into the recording industry would impact his career years later!



1. Best Friends

2. Artistic Touch

3. Kilimanjaro

4. Love-15

5. River Thames

6. Barcelona

7. Life In The Tropics

8. The Oasis

9. On Canvas!

10. Summertime

All songs written and composed by Bryard Huggins

Produced by Michael Taylor for Studio Caffé

Bryard Huggins - piano, keyboards, auxiliary instruments, drum programming, synths

Mike Ferguson - electric bass on "Best Friends"

Michael Taylor - auxiliary instruments, percussion, string arrangements

Mixed by Michael Taylor

Mastered by Mo Henderson

Photography - Janá Huggins (Momma Huggins)

The Girl In Black (feat. Ryan Casey) - BRYARD HUGGINS
Bryard Huggins Official

The Girl In Black (feat. Ryan Casey) - BRYARD HUGGINS